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Dr. Sudhir Kumar delivered a talk at the MaP symposium 2017

Dr. Sudhir Kumar delivered a talk about our recent breakthrough in ultrapure green LEDs using the quantum-confined organic-inorganic lead bromide perovskites and was highlighted on the departmental website. Read more 


Great success of Raman Workshop 2017 organized by the LISE group members

3 day workshop organized by our group members attracted more than 80 participants, allowing scientific discussions between fellows working with Raman spectroscopy.    Read more 


Our work highlighted as 2017 Hot Paper by J. Mater. Chem. C

Our recent review in synthesis and optoelectronics of layer-controlled 2D perovskites has been selected as "2017 Hot Paper" by J. Mater. Chem. C editor.   Read more 


Prof. Chih-Jen Shih receives 2017 Victor K. Lamer Award from ACS

The American Chemical Society (ACS) chooses Prof. Chih-Jen Shih as the recipient of the 2017 Victor K. LaMer Award.   Read more 


Our work featured among the most read articles in ACS Nano

Our report about realization of the first blue perovskite LEDs using layer-controlled 2D perovskites has been highlighted in ACS Nano as one of the most read articles in November 2016. Read more 


Our work is featured on

Field effect improves quantum capacitors and vertical transistors Read more 

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Latest Publications


[J. Mater. Chem. C] Layer-Controlled Two-Dimensional Perovskites: Synthesis and Optoelectronics

Invited review article in the Emerging Investigator 2017 themed issue Read more 


[ACS Nano] Dismantling the “Red Wall” of Colloidal Perovskites: Highly Luminescent Formamidinium and Formamidinium–Cesium Lead Iodide Nanocrystals

Collaborative work led by the Kovalenko group. New method to prepare red pervskite nanocrystals. Read more 


[ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces] Low Temperature Wet Confocal Nickel Silicide Deposition on Silicon Wafer through an Organometallic Approach

Collaborative work led by the Copéret group. New method to prepare NiSi films. Read more 


[Chimia] Engineering Two-dimensional Materials Surface Chemistry

Invited review article for the special issue of Chimia "New Faculty in Switzerland" Read more 


[ACS Nano] Efficient Blue Electroluminescence Using Quantum-Confined Two-Dimensional Perovskites

Layer-controlled 2D hybrid perovskites were synthesized for the first time, enabling blue LEDs. This might be the ultimate solution of low-cost, large-area light sources.   Read more 


[Adv. Colloid Interface Sci.] Understanding the colloidal dispersion stability of 1D and 2D materials: Perspectives from molecular simulations and theoretical modeling

Invited review article as a Historical Perspective in a Special Issue honoring the 90th birthday of Professor Eli Ruckenstein. Read more 

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